Where are my results?

For postal tests, we receive postal deliveries Monday - Saturday (excluding bank holidays). All samples received through Royal Mail are scanned onto our system usually by 1pm on the day of receipt and results are typically being processed within 24 hours.

For test centre and drop box samples, our logistics team bring samples to our laboratories twice per day. For same day samples, your sample should be visible on our tracking system from 7pm on the day of sampling. If you are using one of our next day or two day services, please allow until noon the day following sampling for your test to be visible on our tracking system.

We appreciate that our patients are anxious for speedy return of testing results, however, we are unable to prioritise individual results given the high number of samples we process.

Samples are batched through our laboratory process in racks of 92. This means that two samples returned together may turnaround in different times.

Occasionally individual samples or entire batches may require re-testing which will increase the turnaround time. This occurs in a small number of cases and cannot be avoided. Where possible, we shall try to notify you of any delay in returning sample results and advise of an expected result time. Your sample can be tracked through our laboratory using our tracking system.

Whilst we proactively work to prevent system issues and in the event of an issue inform our customers as quickly as possible. A traffic light service update banner is used by the company on this website. Amber will advise of minor service disruption and Red will advise of a major outage. Should a banner be displayed across the bottom of this website, please click on it to read up to date service information. The service update information takes precedence over all other information on the website.

Track sample status

If your sample is not visible on our tracking system, or you experience any other problem with regards to turnaround, please contact us via our webchat or alternatively complete the webform below.

Report missing test results (Only for samples exceeding the stated turnaround)