Welcome to Assured Screening

Assured Screening is able to offer its clients a background screening service that delivers results. Its flawless reputation is due to its exceptional customer service, attention to detail, fast turnaround time and its competitive pricing.

Why Use Employment Background Screening?

In today’s modern world, it is imperative that businesses are hiring the right kind of people. An employment background check ensures that job applicants are who they say they are, and that they are not hiding any details that are deemed important for a prospective employer.

Many applicants may try and obtain a higher-paying salary, or a higher position by supplying their prospective employer with fraudulent information. Not only does this affect the business financially, but it will also interrupt work flow as the person employed is not trained to do the position they were hired for. This can make the employment process more complicated than it needs to be.

Why Should I Choose Assured Screening?

As a company that deals exclusively with background checks, Assured Screening understands how important it is for the information to be correct and delivered promptly to allow for a more streamlined employment process. Assured Screening will not only carry out a detailed in-depth background screening on prospective candidates, but it will also deliver the information to its clients in a timely manner, allowing them to make a quick and informed decision as to who should be hired for the position.

The Benefits of Partnering With Assured Screening

  • There are no complicated setups and no specialist software is required.
  • Background checks can be completed for a business of any size, as the service is completely scalable.
  • Customers can make inquiries about the status of a report 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, simply by visiting the Assured Screening website.
  • All information is handled with confidentiality. This means that only businesses who have requested the background screening can gain access to the details about the applicant. All information is protected using state-of-the-art technology.
  • Businesses are given access to Instant Client Ordering and Data Retrieval via the Internet.
  • All reports are available to clients via a paperless system, and can be viewed online at any time.
  • Every report comes complete with a Recap Summary.
  • Clients will be given access to data-management reports and can set up accounts for management purposes and invoicing.
  • All aspects of employment, education, call history and status are reported real-time.