Sample Tracking



UNREGISTERED SAMPLE: Unregistered samples are processed by the laboratory however as they are not linked to any personal data, we are unable to report them. Please check your sample submission email receipt to ensure that your sample specimen ID matches. To resolve this, you will be required to click here to register your sample.

SAMPLE NOT RECEIVED/NO DATA FOUND : The sample has yet to be scanned into our laboratory. Samples are scanned at the point that processing commences rather than the moment they are delivered.

  1. ROYAL MAIL RETURNS: If you have returned the sample to us via Royal Mail, our system is typically updated around 3pm daily with our Royal Mail deliveries. To check the status of your delivery, please use the tracker below.
  2. ASSURED SCREENING DROP BOXES & COURIER: If you have returned via an drop box or via our courier, we'll have your sample and this will be scanned into our facility shortly.

SAMPLE UNDER TEST: The sample has been received at the laboratory and is currently within the laboratory.

SAMPLE UNDER RETEST This test is currently being retested by the laboratory. Please check the status of your retest by adding -R to the end of your sample specimen ID in the search bar above eg. ABC12345-R

SAMPLE COMPLETED: The laboratory tested and issued results for this sample. If you have not yet received results, please check the junk/spam folder of your registered email address. If the result is still not there, please click here.

Royal Mail Returns Tracker

(for tests sent from 11th Dec onwards only)