Returning your sample to the Laboratory


As standard, our postal returns kit include a prepaid Royal Mail Tracked 24 bag. The use of this bag is optional; the kit can be sent by any means and the customer should choose the appropriate method of returning relative to their plans. As we do offer diagnostic testing to patients that are symptomatic for COVID, we treat all samples as though they are positive for COVID. This means that we have to use stipulated returns methods to comply with regulations.

We include the Tracked 24 returns bag as it provides our customers with access to the vast network of Royal Mail priority post boxes. The bags include the appropriate sticker requirements as required by Royal Mail to use the service for COVID testing (similar to the NHS return system). This is particularly handy for those patients who are suffering with symptoms as an easy way to return samples. This is a service which as an individual customer you can not access directly from Royal Mail. In line with the terms and conditions of Royal Mail, COVID samples are not allowed to be shipped via the Post office or any other Royal Mail service. This is also true of overnight couriers where they consider COVID samples as a hazardous good.

Through using the Tracked 24 returns bag you agree to Royal Mails terms and conditions of the Tracked 24 returns service. Royal Mail aims to deliver sample the next day (deliveries are only received Mon-Sat and excludes bank holidays). This service is subject to the Royal Mail terms and conditions which must be accepted by the customer prior to using this service.

Whilst most of our customers enjoy a good service provided by Royal Mail, a minority, particularly as we head to Christmas, of customers experience delays in the postal system. This is beyond our control. If your sample is within the Royal Mail network, we can not retrieve it; we will process it once it is received. Once you have posted and submitted a sample to be tested, it will be not refunded and will be reported when received. 

With such variations in travel windows; some countries requiring 48 hours, others a week, it is down to the individual to assess if this is a service that they wish to use. We are a laboratory and not a travel company and so we don't monitor individual destination countries and airlines changing travel advice. Our expertise is providing a robust, reliable testing service. Once your sample is in our laboratory, it will be processed with the utmost haste.

Assured Screening accepts no liability, offers no compensation or consequential loss for delay in the return of samples to our laboratory by Royal Mail. We have not and do not offer any guarantees on this or any of our services. All of our services are provided on a best endeavours basis during what are extraordinary times.

Customers can check the tracking of their samples through the Royal Mail network by clicking here

<h2>Drop Box Locations</h2>

Drop Box Locations

Assured Screening is currently rolling out a nationwide network of drop boxes and testing centres. Returning via a drop box is the best way to return samples to us. Our list is growing and we are adding new locations each week. The facilities are managed by our staff and are connected to our laboratory by our own logistics team. Through using the drop box, your sample is transported to the laboratory overnight and operates 7 days per week. There is no additional cost for using this service. Click to find your nearest location.

Find your nearest dropbox

Other options

Customers are free to use any other method of returning samples to either our laboratory or your local Drop Box. This will be at the customers expense. We remind customers that COVID samples are considered a UN3373 biological substance and to ensure that samples are transported inline with regulations.